How We Do It

The Inside scoop to Christina and our social media


  • Create checklist with time lines and each team members responsibility
  • Film 3-4 episodes in one day discussingg relevant and trending topics 
  • Send to folder in google drive for team to edit, do animation captionning, and uploading

Equipment & Software

  • Camera: Newer iPhone, Sony  a100. GH5, Cannon EOS
  • Mic: Rhode Mic or similar quality Lighting: Ring light or face into a topics window
  • Green screen : Optional and effective for professional style videos 


  • Create a posting schedule with daily content ideas
  • Social Media company schedules stories, feed posts, and uploads the video to all platforms to be uploaded at a scheduled time
  • Engage with your following for at least 15 minutes per day 


  • Later: Scheduling Software and Hashtag Tracker 
  • Canva: Graphic Design and Animated Stories 
  • Google Trends: Relevant topics,trends, and tags